Board of Directors

The West Vancouver Historical Society has been fortunate to have a number of passionate people who champion the stories and history of West Vancouver and volunteer their time and expertise to management of the Society. The Board of Directors is elected for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting, which normally takes place in May.

Board of Directors – 2022-23

Trudy Adair

Laura Anderson, President

Barbara Hunter

Sheelah Donahue

Sharon Jackson

Liz Leduc

Christine Wilson


Past Presidents

Bernard G. Holt (1982-1986)
Jack Leyland (1987-1991)
David E. Wilson (1991-1992)
Peter Hall (1992-1994)
Ian Macdonald (1994-1997)
Helen Davies (1997-2000)
Dave Barker (2001-2003)
Tom Taylor (2003-2005)
Vacant (2006-2007)
Jim Carter (2007-2011)
Ann Brousson (2011-2013)
Rod Day, Rob Morris, Elaine Graham (Convenors, 2013-2014)
David Barker, Tom Wardell (Convenors, 2014-2015)
Wendy Topham (2015-2016)
Rod Day (2016-2021)